CONF Semineri: Pınar Akpınar (İPM & Yalova Üniversitesi)

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Turkey's Peacebuilding in Somalia: The Limits of Humanitarian Diplomacy


Pınar Akpınar
(İPM & Yalova Üniversitesi)


5 Mart 2014, Çarşamba
11:40  SSBF 2034


This study discusses the limits of Turkey’s discourse and practice on humanitarian diplomacy with respect to its peacebuilding in Somalia. The Turkish model of humanitarian diplomacy attempts to find a balance between conscience and interest. It is multi-track in that it pursues diplomacy through official, civic and business channels. Although there is a humanitarian dimension to Turkey’s policy in Somalia, there is also a dimension of interest and power, indicating a long-term projection of securing a role for itself in regional and international politics.

As tools of humanitarian diplomacy, mediation and peacebuilding provide Turkey with regional and global prestige, status and leverage ensuring safe entry into volatile and dangerous post-conflict zones such as Somalia. Humanitarian diplomacy is an ideal that adds a human dimension to diplomacy. Its realization is limited by the realities on the ground, the interests of the intervening country, the public support for humanitarian diplomacy, the capacity of the intervening country as well as by the need for regional recognition and international
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