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2020 - 2021
  • Thesis / Masters' Projects Supervision
    Erdoğan, Ebubekir Furkan, Ontological security and support for peace processes, Çelik, Ayşe Betül, 2021.
    Tümer, Afife Serra, Imagined contact among minority group members: A comparison of majority and interminority contact, Bağcı, Çiğdem, 2021.
    Pamir, Beril, The European Union's third party role in solving conflicts in its periphery, Müftüler-Baç, Meltem, 2021.
    Bayur, Ekin, The struggle of religious organizations for political power: The cases of Turkey and Egypt, Altınordu, Ateş Ali, 2021.
    Sezgin, Mehmet, Islam and democratization in the Arab world: A micro level analysis of support for democracy, Kemahlıoğlu, Özge, 2021.
    Büyüksavaş, Begüm, Traditionality and trustworthiness in Turkey: A vignette experiment in the context of employee selection, Wasti, Arzu S., 2021.
    Sharani, Samer, Ontological security and identity change during The Syrian Civil War (2011-2019), Çelik, Ayşe Betül, 2020.
    Aydaş, İrem, Pre-election polls in Turkey, Moral, Mert, 2020.