Çiğdem Bağcı

(216) 483 9275
Faculty Member

PhD Psychology, Goldsmiths, University of London.

MSc Research Methods in Psychology, Surrey University

BSc Psychology, Bogazici University

Areas of Interest
Group processes and intergroup relations; Intergroup contact; Collective intergroup processes; Self and group efficacy; Social identity; Prejudice and discrimination; Minority groups; Immigration
  • Article
    Adam-Troian, Jais and Bağcı, Çiğdem (2021) "The pathogen paradox: evidence that perceived COVID-19 threat is associated with both pro-and anti-immigrant attitudes", International Review of Social Psychology, Vol.34, No.1, 1-15 (SSCI)
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    Bağcı, Çiğdem and Rosenfeld, Daniel L. and Uslu, Dilek (2021) "Intergroup attitudes between meat-eaters and meat-avoiders: the role of dietary ingroup identification". Published Online First
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  • Book Section / Chapter
    Bağcı, Çiğdem and Türnüklü, Abbas, "Gruplararası temas kuramı ve okul uygulamaları", Göçmen çocuk ve ergenler: kültürleşme, uyum ve eğitim, Doğan, Aysun and Kağnıcı, Dilek Yelda (eds.), Türkiye: Nobel Yayınevi, October 2020
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  • Before SU Publications

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