CONF seminar: F. Elif Kalan & Tunç Karaçay (CONFLICTUS)



What can I do with Conflict Analysis and Resolution Skills?



As a field, conflict analysis and resolution brings together both theoretical discussions about conflicts, their analysis, and resolution processes (and practical implementation). Therefore, in order to focus on skills development in conflict analysis and resolution, one should concentrate and concern both theory and practice. As graduates of this field, we develop, apply, monitor and evaluate projects and training programs in the field of conflict analysis, resolution, social mediation, social cohesion, peace education and peace journalism with Turkish and foreign audience, and participants from around the world.



F. Elif Kalan and Tunç Karaçay (CONFLICTUS)

21 February 2018, Wednesday at 12:00

FASS 2034


F. Elif Kalan: MSc Political Sociology, London School of Economics (2010), MA Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Sabancı University(2009), BA Political Science and International Relations, Marmara University (2006)

Elif Kalan is one of the founders of Conflictus Training and Consultancy. Since 2005, she has been working with and developing CR and PB related programs for various organizations such as Youth Association for Habitat, UNDP, UNICEF, IMC, Ret International,GIZ and universities such as Sabancı University, Bilgi University, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University and Coventry University. She has designed and delivered trainings in Turkey and in abroad on negotiation and mediation, peace education, social media and peace, child rights and Child Friendly Cities Framework, youth participation and youth empowerment in volunteerism in English and Turkish. She also took part in writing of a peace education manual focusing on adult education (// She, as a project reviewer, also works for CAPS4Access Project that is supported by the European Commission.



Tunç Karaçay: MA Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Sabancı University (2012), BA Political Science and Media Communications, Bilgi University (2010)

Tunç Karaçay is one of the founders of Conflictus Training and Consultancy. Since 2008 he has been working in civil society and schools as a drama trainer. He has also been working with various groups from women to youth, from Syrian refugee teachers to school drama student. He has designed and conducted trainings in Turkey and in abroad on negotiation and mediation, communication and media, peace journalism in English and Turkish. He is also able to develop simulation games and write scenarios about conflict resolution and peace building processes. Addition to his training background, he has also been working as a theater director in high schools and university drama groups. Therefore he is motivated to implement the methodology of participants’ theater.ç-karaçay/1b/507/9b3



P.S. Pizza will be served in the event.