CONF MA student Yasin Duman's conference participation

Published on 27.06.2014 16:31


Conflict Analysis and Resolution MA student Yasin Duman attended “The Turkish Migration Conference” organized by the Regent's University in London on 30 May - 1 June 2014. Yasin presented a paper, co-authored by Assist. Prof. Dr. Gülseli Baysu from Kadir Has University, that is entitled “Why does identity matter? A Two-Path Model to Intergroup Forgiveness via Ingroup Bias and Outgroup Blame” at the conference.

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Here is the abstract of the paper to be presented at the conference:

Ingroup and superordinate identities are key predictors for intergroup forgiveness, albeit with opposite effects. To investigate the identity-forgiveness relationship, we included perceived compatibility between ingroup and superordinate identities as a predictor; and tested ingroup bias and outgroup attributions of responsibility as mediators. As respective parties of an armed conflict in Turkey, Turkish majority and Kurdish minority respondents (N = 227) were interviewed in Turkey and Belgium. The results supported the path through ingroup bias for all groups: ingroup (Turkish/Kurdish) identity was associated with more bias and in turn less forgiveness; superordinate (Turkish citizenship) identity was associated with less bias and in turn more forgiveness. Compatibility, however, was associated with less bias only for the Kurdish minority. The path through outgroup attributions was significant only for the Turkish majority: ingroup identity predicted more outgroup attributions and in turn less forgiveness. Theoretical and practical implications of these pathways to forgiveness are discussed.

Keywords: Identity compatibility, intergroup forgiveness, ingroup bias, outgroup attributions, ingroup identity, superordinate identity, the Kurdish conflict