Sponsored Projects

Making Peace Process Sustainable: The Social Acceptance of The Peace Process In The Post-Conflict Period, TÜBİTAK 1001, 2017 - 2019, Fuat Keyman

Women’s Understanding of the Gendered Aspects of Conflict and Peace Process: From “Victimhood” to “Agency", Heinrich Boell Stiftung, Chrest Foundation, 2015, Betül Çelik

Asia Project, funding: Sasakawa Peace Foundation, 2015, Bülent Aras

History in the Present: Remembering Women, Coming to Terms with Past Violence, Reimagining the Future, Bridging Divides, funding: Chrest Foundation, 2014, Ayşe Gül Altınay

Project on the Middle East And Arab Spring, funding: Qatar Diplomatic Academy, 2014, Bülent Aras

Türkiye'nin Barış İnşası ve Sivil Kapasite, funding: Dışişleri Bakanlığı, 2014, Bülent Aras

CONFTEXT: Automated Textual Recognition and Classification of International Conflict Events, funding: European Union, January 2013, Emre Hatipoğlu

Identifying Policy Opinion Shapers and Trends in Turkey, SU Internal Research Grant, 2012, Brooke Luetgert, Emre Hatipoğlu and Yücel Saygın

Sustainable Peace Building, European Union 7. Framework Program Marie Curie ITN, 2010-2014, Ayşe Betül Çelik

The Effect of Bankruptcy Rules on Investment Behaviour and Investor Welfare, TÜBİTAK Research Program, 2010-2011, Özgür Kıbrıs

Adult and Non Formal Education for the Support of Reconciliation Process between Armenia & Turkey, DVV International, 2009-2010, Leyla Neyzi

Liberal international relations and Instruments of Foreign Policy : An Integrative Approach, TÜBİTAK Research Program, 2008-2010, Nimet Beriker

Turkish French Artists: A New Cultural Perspective, TÜBİTAK Research Program, 2008-2010, Annedith Schneider

Redefining “Women’s Place” in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia: The Case of KAMER, TÜBİTAK, 2006-2009, Ayşe Gül Altınay